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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering's alumni are a diverse group working in academia, industry, and the non-profit arena in a variety of fields around the globe. Our alumni profiles provide a sense of what our alumni do, why they chose Drexel, and how a degree in Materials has helped them to pursue their goals.

In this department, being a Drexel Materials alum is more than just a moniker — Drexel Materials symbolizes the knowledge gained and the connections forged that pave the way for a life-long relationship with the growing Drexel Materials community including faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

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Alumni Profiles

Jennifer Atchison

Choose your advisor well. It is the most important decision you will make in graduate school. read more »

Jonathan Ayutsede

I feel that the course work and research studies undertaken at Drexel have contributed significantly to how I do my work. I constantly revert back to the basic fundamentals taught in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. read more »

Svetlana Dimovski

I would never be where I am now if it was not for school and the experience that goes with it. read more »

Elizabeth Hoffman

The skills that I developed as a Ph.D. student have greatly contributed to my job. While learning academic knowledge of materials science is a must, I value the “soft” skills such as networking and communication that I developed while at Drexel. read more »

Philipp M. Hunger

My time at Drexel prepared me very well for my post-graduation career. During my time at Drexel, besides my research activity, I taught a lot, which was a great way of learning to explain technical concepts to people who are new to a certain field. read more »

Stephen Niezgoda

The biggest thing I learned during my Ph.D. was that you can't be rigid or inflexible in your thinking or interests. I changed topics quite drastically between my Ph.D. work and post-doc, however, having a firm grounding on how to develop a research topic made this easy. read more »

Andrew James (Jim) Puza

Aside from the pure academic elements of the education, the type of education I received in Drexel materials, with the lab work and a great deal of emphasis on technical presentations and the co-op periods, allowed me to advance quickly in the industrial world. read more »

Riju Singhal

My Ph.D. work has helped me understand how to work in a team and helped me develop independent thinking. My work has also been quite challenging and I have been lucky to meet it with success on a few occasions. read more »

David Steinmetz

Because I am pursuing a Ph.D. in materials science, I use what I learned at Drexel every single day. The BS/MS program was particularly helpful. read more »


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