Barsoum, et al. in Nature Materials

Published on Monday March 3, 2003

The work of Professor Barsoum and his research group was accepted for publication in Nature Materials. It appeared in the February 2003 issue of the journal. The paper is titled "Dislocation-Based Fully Reversible Compression of Ti3SiC2 to 1 GPa" and is authored by M. W. Barsoum, T. Zhen, S. R. Kalidindi, M. Radovic, and A. Murugaiah. T. Zhen and A. Murugaiah are graduate students working with Professors Barsoum and Surya Kalidindi on an ARO funded project, and M. Radovic is an ex-PhD student who worked with them earlier.  This article has attracted substantial attention from press. There are already two articles in the popular press - one in the Financial Times of London, and another in the Dallas Morning News.

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