Department well represented at COE Honors Day Ceremony

Published on Saturday March 15, 2003

At the February 19th College of Engineering Honors Day Ceremony, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering was well represented by both faculty and students alike.  In faculty awards, Dr. Michel Barsoum was awarded a Research Accomplishment Achievement Award for his work on MAX phases.  His findings have been published in over 70 refereed publications, including Science, Nature, and American Scientist.  Dr. Michele Marcolongo was honored with a Teaching Accomplishment Achievement Award for her important contributions to the areas of curriculum development, course design, TDEC teaching, student supervising, and mentoring.  Professor Alan Lawley, the Grosvenor Professor of Metallurgy was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to Drexel and the department since his arrival in September 1966.  In student awards, Ethan D. Hackett was awarded the prestigious Class of 1907 Medal.

Other awardees included: Milan Ivosevic for the Graduate Student Research Award; Maria Pia Rossi for the Undergraduate Student Research Award; Ethan D. Hackett for the I. Ray Dunlap Scholarship; Steven T. Szewczyk for the William G. Smith Scholarship; Svetlana Dimovski for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship; Jason M. Lyons for the Koerner Family Award for Graduate Students of the College of Engineering; Thomas F. Juliano for the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship; Beth E. Carroll, John Chmiola, Brandon A. McWilliams, and Janah C. Sorenson for the A.W. and Dorothy Grosvenor Scholarship; Franklyn R. Kellogg for the Michael J. Koczak Scholarship, and Emily Y. Ho, Elizabeth N. Hoffman, Joshua R. Houskamp, Hoa L. Lam, Jason Lyons, Nevin N. Naguib, Jamie L. Ostroha, and Jonathan D. Thomas for the Dean's Fellowship.

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