Gogotsi interviewed by local news about space shuttle disaster

Published on Tuesday March 4, 2003

Yury Gogotsi was interviewed on Saturday, February 1 on ABC's local affiliate and WB17 about the space shuttle disaster.  He spoke about the problems that could have occured due to the loosening or breaking off of some of the ceramic tiles that are used on the shuttle for thermal protection and to promote its aerodynamic shape.  Dr. Gogotsi suggested that if some of the tiles were to have come loose or broken off, this could have posed problems upon the space shuttle's reentry into the earth's atmosphere pertaining to overexposure to heat as well as instability in its flight pattern.  Dr. Gogotsi also appeared on the ABC show Sunday Life on February 2nd with congressman Curt Weldon and Derrick H. Pitts, chief astronomer and planetarium program director from the Franklin Institute.

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