Research Day 2003

Published on Friday April 25, 2003

Department Scores High in Research Achievement

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering had wonderful representation among this year's Research Day Award Winners.  This year's Research Day was held on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003.  Following is a list of winners and Honorable Mentions:

Award Winners
Research Achievement Award: Surya Kalidindi
106 Club Members: Yury Gogotsi, Frank Ko, Wan Shih, Wei-Heng Shih
Patent Recognition Awards
Barsoum, M. W. and Knight, R., "Method of Applying Corrosion, Oxidation and/or Wear-Resistant Coatings," U.S. Patent No. 6,497,922, Issued December 24, 2002.
Knight, R., Grossmann, E. D. and Guddeti, R. R., "Thermal Plasma Process for Recovering Monomers and High Value Carbons from Polymeric Materials, U.S. Patent No. 6,444,864, Issued September 3, 2002.
Graduate Poster Awards
Poster 275: Development of Thermally Sprayed Functionally Graded Polymer/Ceramic Coatings
Ivosevic, Milan w/ Richard Knight, Surya R. Kalidindi, Giuseppe R. Palmese from Chemical Engineering, & James Sutter from NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field, Cleveland, OH (Materials Science & Engineering Emerging Technology Division)
*This is Milan's second best poster award at Research Day (2 years in a row).
Poster 331: Super Carbon Fiber by Electrospinning of Nanocomposite Nanofibers
Lam, Hoa L w/ Nick L. Titchenal, Nevin N. Naguib, Haihui Ye, Frank K. Ko & Yury Gogotsi
Materials Science & Engineering
Undergraduate Poster Awards
Poster 280: Effect of Process Parameters and Testing Environment on the Tribological Behavior of Carbide-Derived Carbon Films
Carroll, Beth E, Yury Gogosti, Andriy Kovalchenko and Ali Erdemir from Argonne National Laboratory, Michael McNallan from University of Illinois at Chicago
Materials Science & Engineering Emerging Technology Division
CoE Dean's Award
Poster 117: Hydroxyapatite coatings for improved implant bioactivity
Luchenta, Robert V w/ Wei-Heng Shih
Materials Engineering
Honorable Mentions
Basic/Applied Science Undergraduate
Poster 117: Hydroxyapatite coatings for improved implant bioactivity
Luchenta, Robert V w/ Wei-Heng Shih
Basic/Applied Science Graduate
205: Thermal stability and redox property of ZrO2 supported MnOx Catalysts
Qiang Zhao, Wei-Heng Shih
Emerging Technology Graduate
246: Advancements in Melt-Electrospinning of Thermoplastic Nanofibers
by Jason Lyons, Frank Ko, Christopher Pastore
297M: Low Temperature Synthesis of Graphite by Chlorination of Iron Carbide
by Svetlana Dimvoski, Haihui Ye, Alexei Nikitin, Yury Gogotsi
326: Spherical Nanoindentations in Ti3SiC2 and Graphite
by Anand Murugaiah, Michel W. Barsoum, Surya R Kalidindi, Tiejun Zhen, Yury Gogotsi
340: The effect of hydrogel nucleus implant on the mechanical behavior of the lumbar functional spinal unit: An Experimental Study
by Abhijeet Joshi, Edward Vresilovic, Michele Marcolongo, Anthony Lowman, Andrew Karduna
259M: Biocompatibility and Immune Response of Carbon Nanotubes
by Nevin Naguib, Yvonne Mueller, Maria Pia Rossi, Paul Bojczuk, Peter Katsikis, Yury Gogotsi
330M: Studies on the Wetting Behavior of CNT Through Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
by Maria Pia Rossi

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