Funding Received from DARPA for a Hexcel-Drexel Program

Published on Wednesday July 2, 2003

DARPA has approved funding for a Hexcel-Drexel seedling program on "Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Carbon Fiber".  The Drexel share of the funding for this six month program is  $111,700 to be performed by a team led by Prof. Frank Ko (PI), Department of Materials Science and Engineering with Prof. Yury Gogotsi, and Prof. Baki Farouk. The team also includes Professors Palmese, Li and Yang (Physics).  Hexcel is a major US manufacturer of carbon fibers and honeycomb structures. With NAVAIR as a monitoring and research partner, the objective of this seedling program is to establish the basis for a major DARPA effort in the following years for a comprehensive program to develop the scientific and technological basis for the manufacturing of the next generation of super carbon fibers.

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