ATOFINA Chemicals Fellowship for Department

Published on Saturday August 23, 2003

Due largely to efforts by Professor Yury Gogotsi, ATOFINA has now set up a new ATOFINA Chemicals Fellowship in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The Fellowship award is $20K/year and the first award will start in September 2003. It is anticipated that the award will continue for a minimum of 5 years for a total commitment of $100K. Other ATOFINA Chemicals Fellowships for the school year 2003-4 are being given out at Berkeley, Princeton, Minnesota, MIT, and Penn. The Fellowship is restricted to US citizens. Also, ATOFINA is in the process of establishing a research collaboration relationship with Professor Gogotsi which will include a 3-month summer internship for a Ph.D. student associated with the topic of mutual interest. It is also anticipated that internship will also continue into future years. Special thanks goes to Lydia Kokolskyj from Institutional Advancement for her contribution to this effort.

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