Hoeganaes Corporation Establishes $250,000 Endowed Professorship for Powder Metallurgy in Materials Science and Engineering

Published on Thursday October 2, 2003

The Hoeganaes Corporation, a leading producer of ferrous metal powders serving the global powder metallurgy marketplace, has established an endowment of $250,000 for an Endowed Professorship for Powder Metallurgy  in Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University. This is the first endowment Hoeganaes has ever provided to an engineering school.

Said Hoeganaes President Robert J. Fulton, "Our strong relationship with Drexel, which has been ongoing for approximately twenty-five years, has proven to be a mutually beneficial affiliation. This endowment assures that instruction in powder metal technology will have an everlasting presence at the University."

Throughout the years, Hoeganaes and Drexel have conducted many joint research programs in metal powder technology which have facilitated the growth of the industry. In addition, Hoeganaes participates heavily in the co-op program. The company hires three or four interns annually and estimates that thirty percent return to Hoeganaes in a full-time capacity upon graduation.

"For four decades, education and research in Powder Metallurgy at Drexel University has been recognized internationally. The program, initiated by Richard Heckel, reflects the faculty contributions of John Tallmadge, Robert Koerner, Diran Apelian, the late Michael Koczak and Alan Lawley. Materials engineering is one of the University's strongest departments, of vital importance nationally, and is a strategic growth area for the University. Drexel appreciates Hoeganaes Corporation's support of excellence," said Provost Harvill Eaton.

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