Kalidindi, Bhattacharya, Doherty in Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Published on Tuesday October 7, 2003

A paper titled, "Detailed Analyses of Grain-Scale Plastic Deformation in Columnar Polycrystalline Aluminum Using Orientation Image Mapping and Crystal Plasticity Models" authored by Kalidindi, Bhattacharya, and Doherty has just been accepted for publication in Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, published by the Royal Society of London.  The following is a quote from their webpage: "The reputation of the journal, as well as that of the Royal Society, rests on its ability to call upon the services of its Fellowship, 69 of whom are currently Nobel Laureates. Fellows of the Royal Society thus constitute the most distinguished members of the scientific community and by drawing upon them, as well as other eminent scientists, in the rigorous peer-review of research papers only those of the highest quality are accepted."

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