Department Unveils New Logo Design

Published on Monday January 19, 2004

How can the broad field of materials science and engineering be captured in a single logo?  The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at Drexel University posed this question when they held a contest to develop a departmental logo to capture the essence of both materials science and engineering and Drexel University.  What they got from amateur students and professional graphic designers alike was an array of interpretations, including everything from spider silk to carbon structures and even a shield in the shape of the liberty bell, paying homage to Drexel's Philadelphia location.

The winning logo integrates the Drexel dragon with the defining symbol of materials science and engineering-the microscope.  Winner of the contest, Milan Ivosevic, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is not new to logo design.  In his early years at Drexel, he won another departmental logo contest for the Materials Graduate Network (MAGNET) and was the designer of a departmental T-shirt sold as a fundraiser for MAGNET.

When asked how he arrived at the logo design, Milan describes it as "a process."  He initially presented the idea of using spider silk and a diamond to represent materials, but went back to the drawing board when he realized these symbols would not appeal to everyone.  "The microscope," he says, "is an essential and universal 'tool' for all materials engineers."  In the midst of designing his award-winning departmental logo, Milan also designed the flag for the new departmental newsletter, DREAM NOTES.  Again, using an image of a microscope, he created a clever and catchy look for the newsletter, representing the creative and innovative direction in which the department is headed.

The logo will be available on the departmental website along with directions for its use.  It will also be used on related Webpages, publications, posters, and T-shirts.