Materials Students Shine at CoE Honors Day

Published on Thursday February 26, 2004

Drexel's College of Engineering's Honors Day, held on Wednesday, February 25th, recognized the achievements of many of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering's students.  Honors Day is held every year by the College of Engineering to recognize academic achievement by the College's top students.  Following is a list of all of the winners from our department.  Congratulations to the students and their advisors for all of their hard work!

Graduate Student Research Award

Anand Murugaiah - Materials Science and Engineering (Drs. Michel Barsoum and Surya Kalidindi, Advisors) For outstanding research in the area of "Nanoindentations in Kinking Non-Linear Elastic Solids: Ti3SiC2, Graphite, and Mica"

Undergraduate Student Research Award

John Chmiola - Materials Science and Engineering (Dr. Yury Gogotsi, Advisor) For outstanding research in the area of "Mechanically Stable Insoluble Titanium-Lead Anodes for Sulfate Electrolytes"

Arnold H. Kaplan Scholarship

Melanie Patel

Harry E. Muchnic Scholarship

Marcie Reilly

William T. Schleyer Endowed Scholarship Fund

David Steinmetz

A. W. & Dorothy Grosvenor Scholarship

Christopher Hovanec

Daniel Solari

Kelly Vanden-Bosche

David Zimmerman

Michael J. Koczak Scholarship

Andrew Marx

Harry Antes Award

Pamela Panos

ATOFINA Chemicals Fellowship

Kristopher Behler

Dean's Fellowship

Matthew Cathell

John-Paul McGovern

Brandon A. McWilliams

GAANN Fellowship

Maria Pia Rossi

George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

Gwenaelle Proust

Koerner Family Award for Graduate Students of the College of Engineering

Jonathan D. Thomas

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowships

Thomas Juliano

National Science Foundation Intergrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT) Fellowships

Kristopher D. Behler

Hoa L. Lam

Nevin Naguib

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