PA NANO 2004 is a Success for Drexel

Published on Friday May 28, 2004

The PA NANO Conference, The Business of Nano: Pennsylvania Nanotechnology Conference 2004, held May 25 and 26 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, was a huge success for Drexel! Drexel was the only university that acted as a Conference Sponsor and the University's name was prominently displayed. Mark Modzelewski, Founder & Executive Director of NanoBusiness Alliance who is behind the Nanotechnology bill signed into law by President Bush, praised Drexel's co-op system as the best mechanism to link universities and industry. Secretary Dennis Yablonsky and Phillip Bond, U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce and Technology, mentioned Drexel as one of the major technological forces in the Pennsylvania region. Many Drexel students and faculty (29 registered participants) attended the meeting and presented posters (6 of 40 posters were from Drexel). High-school teachers who participated in the summer NSF-sponsored RET program at Drexel, stood up during the plenary session and announced that Drexel does more for K-12 education in Philadelphia than any other university. Thanks to all who participated in the event and/or helped us to prepare the promotional materials for PA NANO. You can find conference materials posted at