John Chmiola Wins College of Engineering Senior Design Competition

Published on Saturday June 5, 2004

John Chmiola, working with advisor Yury Gogotsi, is the winner of this year's College of Engineering Senior Design competition. John received $2,000 for his award-winning senior design project entitled, "MAT-1 Super-capacitance Measurements of Porous Carbon Obtained Through Chlorination of Metal Carbide." A description of his project follows: "The electronic double layer capacitor (EDLC) is a promising technology for energy storage with high specific power density. It consists of two porous carbon electrodes with an extremely high surface area separated by an ion conducting membrane. The ideal electrode would be non-interacting with the electrolyte solution and have a maximum surface area that is completely accessible to the electrolyte."

The Annual Senior Design Group Competition took place on Wednesday, June 2, 2004. This year, eight engineering projects from five of the College's departments were selected as finalists to present their work during this last phase of the competition. The finalists were narrowed down from 427 seniors and 115 design teams. There were 138 faculty members, industrial and governmental personnel serving as advisors.

The prize money was donated by the Lockheed-Martin Corporation and Environmental Tectonics Corporation, founded by President and CEO William F. Mitchell '66. Judges for this year's competition included William F. Mitchell; Barney Adler, chair of student activities for the Philadelphia Section of IEEE; Kenneth Battle, consultant; Richard F. Cole, administrative judge (technical) for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Robert S. Fijan, consultant; Boris Gelfand, senior member of advanced technology for the Lockheed Martin Corporation; and William Jones, chief executive officer of Solar Atmospheres and member of the Materials Science and Engineering Visiting Advisory Board.

John is continuing on with Dr. Yury Gogotsi to pursue his Ph.D. studies. We are very proud to have talented students in the department such as John and wish him the highest congratulations upon graduation and the continuation of his studies.

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