Co-Pis Ko and Spanier, et. al. Receive NSF Award for New Instrumentation

Published on Wednesday September 1, 2004

The NSF Major Reserach Instrumentation proposal, "Zyvex Nanomanipulator," submitted by Brad Layton (PI-MEM), Adam Fontecchio (Co-I-ECE), Frank Ko, professor of materials science and engineering (Co-I), Bahram Nabet (Co-I), Jonathan Spanier, assistant professor of materials science and engineering (Co-I), in collaboration with David Luzzi and Alan MacDiarmid of UPenn, has been awarded. The amount of funding for this award is $100K. This device, which can be used in conjunction with advanced microscopy studies, will be a welcome addition to the suite of nanoscale fabrication and characterization equipment in the A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute to be housed in the Bossone Research Enterprise Building.

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