Joshua Houskamp Establishes Scholarship at Former High School

Published on Tuesday February 1, 2005

Josh Houskamp, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has established a small scholarship at his former high school, Cincinnatus Central High School. Cincinnatus is located in a rural area of central New York State, with a graduating class of approximately fifty students per year.

Houskamp established the scholarship to encourage more students to pursue engineering and science. Although the scholarship amount is currently small, Houskamp believes even a small amount can help-the cost of buying textbooks, particularly in science and engineering fields, can be startling to a first year student. "If I can help ease that shock, perhaps I can encourage another student to achieve goals beyond what they may have set at the time of high school graduation," says Houskamp.

After receiving the Koerner Fellowship at Drexel University, Houskamp was motivated to start this particular scholarship. Seeing a family fully support several graduate students every year inspired him to give something back to other students. "Although I'm still a student, I believe I can make a similar impact with a small scholarship to a deserving high school graduate," states Houskamp.

Josh Houskamp graduated from Cincinnatus Central High School in 1996 and completed his B.S. degree in Materials Engineering at Drexel University in 2001. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate with a Koerner Family Fellowship and Dean's Fellowship. He expects to graduate in the summer of 2005.

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