Goknur Cambaz and Gleb Yushin Receive Roland B. Snow Award

Published on Thursday April 14, 2005

Ph.D. student Z. Goknur Cambaz (advisor: Dr. Yury Gogotsi) and Dr. Gleb Yushin, research assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, received the Roland B. Snow Award from the American Ceramic Society for their work on "SiC Pagoda Nanoarchitecture." This award is presented for the best ceramographic work at the annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society and consists of a monetary award and a Steuben glass artifact. The winning entry was co-authored Dr. V. Lutsenko, from Kiev, Ukraine, and Dr. Yury Gogotsi. Another entry from Drexel titled "Formation of SiC Ribbons" and authored by G. Yushin, Z.G. Cambaz, Y. Googtsi, and E. Vishnyakova received first place in the Scanning Electron Microscopy Category. The American Ceramic Society annual meeting took place April 10-13th in Baltimore, MD.

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