Barsoum and Spanier Receive NSF FRG Award

Published on Monday June 27, 2005

A proposal by Professors Michel Barsoum (PI) and Jonathan Spanier (Co-I) of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and their collaborators at Rowan University entitled, MAX Phase Solid Solutions: Unique Opportunities at Engineering Bulk and Surface Properties, has just been selected for award by the Division of Materials Research (DMR) as an NSF Focused Research Group (FRG). The amount of the award is $800,000 and is for four years. The work will encompass a broad range of experimental and theoretical simulation tools to investigate the properties of this emerging class of inorganic, nano-laminate engineering compounds. The linking of undergraduate and graduate student researchers, faculty, and resources from both institutions resulting from this partnership will enable students to benefit from broad, interdisciplinary research experiences.

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