Fontecchio, Schauer, et. al. Receive NSF-NUE

Published on Friday November 4, 2005

Materials science and engineering affiliated faculty member and assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering Dr. Adam Fontecchio (PI), Roy A. Brothers Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Eli Fromm, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs Dr. John Dinardo, assistant professor of biomedical engineering Dr. Elisabeth Papazoglou, and materials science and engineering assistant professor Dr. Caroline Schauer received $800,000 from NSF for a Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) grant entitled, “Nano-Enlightenment.”

This project implements a freshman/sophomore educational enhancement program that integrates short modules about nanotechnology within the existing freshman and sophomore curriculum. The modules will be organized in themes that address issues in current activities and provide a broad interdisciplinary understanding of nanotechnology in a two-year period.

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