Achievements of Materials Students Acknowledged at Honors Day

Published on Thursday February 23, 2006

Students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering were recognized for academic excellence at the College of Engineering's annual Honors Day ceremony on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 5:00 PM in the Bossone Auditorium.

Those students honored and their achievements are listed below.

Graduate Student Research Award

For outstanding research in the area of "Using Carbon Nanotubes as Pipes in Nanofluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications"

María Pía Rossi (advisor:  Dr. Yury Gogotsi)

Undergraduate Student Research Award

For outstanding research in the area of "Characterization of La-Cr-O Based Thin Films for Use as Protective Coatings for Cr Containing Alloys in SOFCs"

Anthony Coratolo (advisors:  Drs. Surya Kalidindi and Nina Orlovskaya)

I. Ray Dunlap Scholarship

Financial support to a student of high academic achievement, worthiness, and need in honor of I. Ray Dunlap, Drexel BSChE, 1947

Ari I. Sagiv

Exelon Endowed Scholarship

Financial support to undergraduate minority and/or women students enrolled in the College of Engineering in recognition of academic merit

Melanie A. Patel

Harry E. Muchnic Scholarship

Awarded to the upperclass students in the College of Engineering who are outstanding in their academic performance, leadership, and industry performance

Zakiya Carter

Andrew T. Marx

Class of 1907 Medal

Financial support to a member of the senior class in the College of Engineering recognizing their academic and co-curricular contributions

Anthony Coratolo

Dean's Fellowship

Awarded to first year doctoral students who show excellent promise in their chosen field of expertise

Michael Birnkrant

Anthony Fast

Christopher Hovanec

Jessica Schiffman

Patricia Valenzuela

GAANN Fellowship

Funded by the Department of Education, this program provides financial support to graduate students of superior ability

Anthony Fast

Christopher Hovanec

George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

Awarded to qualified candidates for the Ph.D. Program in an interdisciplinary program or research area in the College of Engineering.  Recipients shall have demonstrated excellence in their undergraduate and graduate careers and the potential to achieve academic excellence at the Ph.D. level.

Patricia Valenzuela

Koerner Family Award for Graduate Students of the College of Engineering

Awarded to a graduate student in the College of Engineering for academic merit

Matthew Cathell

National Science Foundation Fellowship

Awarded from a highly competitive pool of graduate students from U.S. Universities to fund a student working towards his/her research-based masters or doctoral degree

Kristopher Behler

National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT) Fellowships

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, these fellowships are available to Ph.D. students completing a degree in the field of nanotechnology

Michael Birnkrant

John Chmiola

Elizabeth Hoffman

Stephen Nonnenmann

Jessica Schiffman

A. W. and Dorothy Grosvenor Scholarship

Financial support in recognition of academic and professional contributions and an interest in the field of Materials Science and Engineering

Russell Marron

Michael Sexton

Michael J. Koczak Scholarship

Financial support to a Materials Science and Engineering student in recognition of academic contributions

Lemoda Laim

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