Ph.D. Student Goknur Cambaz and Dr. Gleb Yushin, et. al. on the Cover of Nano Letters

Published on Tuesday March 14, 2006

The work of Ph.D. student Goknur Cambaz (advisor: Yury Gogotsi), research assistant professor Dr. Gleb Yushin, and their collaborators appears on the cover of the March 8, 2006 issue of Nano Letters (Vol. 6, Issue 3). According to the Nano Letters website, the image is a "transmission electron microscopy (TEM) image of an etched silicon carbide (SiC) whisker. Selective etching in aqueous solution of hydrofluoric and nitric acids resulted in the formation of a complex pagoda-like nanostructure." The corresponding article is entitled, "Anisotropic Etching of SiC Whiskers" and is co-authored by Cambaz, Yushin, Dr. Yury Gogotsi, and Dr. Vadim Lutsenko.

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