Dee Breger's Images Continue to Make News

Published on Monday April 10, 2006

Director of Microscopy Dee Breger and her images continue to appear in a variety of venues.

Below is a recent list of activities for Breger and her micrographs:

Breger has been invited to attend GEL 2006 from May 4-5, 2006.  According to their website, GEL, or "Good Experience Live" is "a conference, and community, exploring good experience in all its forms -- in business, art, society, technology, and life.  The goal of the conference is to create an environment that allows our multi-disciplinary community to explore the idea of 'good experience' in a variety of contexts."  Breger donated a museum-quality framed print of her prize-winning penguin feather image as a corporate prize at this year's conference.  She gave a presentation on the Remarkable Microworld at last year's GEL 2005, a clip of which can be found at:

One of Breger's images of a radiolarian has appeared in a scientific talk about quantum optics and ultracold quantum gases, presented by Dr. Herwig Ott in the Institut für Physik at the Universität Mainz and on the cover of the 2005 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) development brochure.

The central portion of Breger's velcro image appears as a page print advertisement for Cambrex Bio Science in the journals Biotechniques, Nature Methods, and Nature, as well as a direct mail piece for the company.

Her image of a diatom chain, used also on the cover of Science last year, will appear in a college textbook, entitled Exploring the World Ocean by Chamberlin/Dickey.   Her image of a walking macrophage will appear in the children's book, I Found a Dead Bird:  A Kid's Guide to the Cycle of Life by Jan Thornhill to be published by Maple Tree Press in fall 2006.

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