Milan Ivosevic’s Research Work Featured on Cover of International Thermal Spray and Surface Engineering Inaugural Newsletter

Published on Thursday June 1, 2006

Ph.D. student Milan Ivosevic’s (advisors: Dr. Richard Knight and Dr. Richard Cairncross) SEM image was featured on the inaugural issue of the International Thermal Spray and Surface Engineering newsletter unveiled at the May 2006 International Thermal Spray Conference in Seattle, Washington.

The SEM image is of an HVOF sprayed nylon splat after impact onto a glass slide. The unique “fried-egg” morphology is characteristic of HVOF sprayed polymers, and is believed to be formed by polymer particles having a low temperature, high viscosity core together with a high temperature, low viscosity surface. The image was taken as part of an NSF-funded research project to attain improved understanding of transport and splat formation during HVOF deposition of polymeric coatings and is color enhanced.

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