MSE Honors its Graduates at Annual Commencement Lunch

Published on Monday June 19, 2006

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering celebrated its graduating students at a lunch on commencement day Saturday, June 17, 2006 at the Drexel University Club.

Following is a list of 2006 graduates from MSE:

Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering

John Cunningham

Experimental Studies and Modeling of the Roller Compaction of Pharmaceutical Powders

Supervising Professor: Antonios Zavaliangos

Current Position: Johnson & Johnson

Ranjan Kumar Dash

Nanoporous Carbons Derived From Binary Carbides and Their Optimization for Hydrogen Storage

Supervising Professor: Yury Gogotsi

Current Position: FuelCell Energy; Danbury, CT

Svetlana Dimovski

Structure, Characterization and Exploration of Synthesis of Conical and Polyhedral Crystals of Graphite

Supervising Professor: Yury Gogotsi

Current Position: Procter & Gamble; Cincinnati, OH

Adrish Ganguly

Synthesis and Characterization of Solid Solutions of Max Phases

Supervising Professor: Michel W. Barsoum

Current Position: Williams Advanced Materials; Brewster, NY

Surojit Gupta

Tribology of Max Phases and their Composites

Supervising Professor: Michel W. Barsoum

Current Position: Post-Doc, Penn State Univ.

Joshua Robert Houskamp

Microstructure Sensitive Design: A Tool for Exploiting Material Anisotropy in Mechanical Design

Supervising Professor: Surya R. Kalidindi

Current Position: Post-Doc with Oakridge Associated

Universities at Army Research Laboratories; Army Proving Grounds, MD

Milan Ivosevic

Splatting of Thermally Spprayed Polymer Particles:  Modeling Transport and Impact

Supervising Professor: Richard Knight and Richard Cairncross

Current Position: Materials Scientist; Resodyn Corporation; Butte, MT

Stephen A. Mastro

Optomechanical Behavior of Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensors

Supervising Professor: Mahmoud El-Sherif

Current Position: Senior Engineer; NAVSEA Philadelphia (US Navy); Philadelphia, PA

Jamie Ostroha

PEG-Based Degradable Networks for Drug Delivery Applications

Supervising Professors: Anthony Lowman, Nily Dan

Current Position: Lead Project Engineer; Spectrum Brands; Madison, WI

Adam Procopio

On the Compaction of Granular Media Using a Multi-Particle Finite Element Method

Supervising Professor: Antonios Zavaliangos

Current Position: Project Manager; Merck & Co., Inc.

Jonathan D. Thomas

Development of Injectable Hydrogels for Nucleus Pulposus Replacement

Supervising Professor: Michele Marcolongo

Current Position: Post-Doc, Drexel University

Master of Science in Materials Engineering

Jose M. Bermudez

Linyou Cao

Anthony Mario Coratolo

Varun Gupta

Nicholas Lee Titchenal

Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering

Harren Bray

Anthony Mario Coratolo

Brendan Robert Donohue

Benjamin J. Gillespie

Jonathan M. Hopely

William E. Yackabonis

Vincent C. Zuwiala

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