Affiliated Faculty Member Desai Receives NIH Grant

Published on Sunday July 30, 2006

Dr. Jaydev P. Desai, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MEM) and Department of Materials Science and Engineering affiliated faculty member and his team, comprised of Dr. Alan Lau (MEM), Dr. Andres Castellanos (Dept. of Surgery, DUCOM), Dr. William Meyers (Chair, Dept. of Surgery, DUCOM), Dr. Ari Brooks (Dept. of Surgery, DUCOM), and Dr. Doug James (Carnegie Mellon University), were recently awarded a 4-year NIH R01 grant totaling $1,225,602 for the project entitled, “Data-driven Real Time Surgical Simulation from Reality-Based Soft Tissue Models.” The goal of this project is to develop reality-based soft-tissue models that can be combined with numerical simulation models and support computational algorithms for real-time haptic (sense of touch) and visual feedback in a surgical simulator environment for potentially training a new generation of residents and surgeons.

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