Dee Breger’s Work Exhibited

Published on Saturday July 15, 2006

Dee Breger, Director of Microscopy in the College of Engineering, was invited to be a featured artist at The Rockland Country Fair and Farmer’s Market held June 11, 18, 25, and July 2nd in Rockland, NY.  For more information on the fair and Breger’s participation, please visit:

Breger also participated in a workshop devoted to visualizing scientific information called IM2.1, organized by MIT's Envisioning Science Project and Harvard's Initiative for Innovative Computing, with further funding from NSF.  Breger presented two of her images (Diatom Chain and Brain Tissue) and discussed the ways in which she optimized them to convey the data better than the raw images themselves.  The workshop was held in Research Triangle Park, NC on June 2, 2006.

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