MAGNETic Personalities

Published on Sunday October 1, 2006

Bringing people together and instilling excitement about materials science and engineering in high school students comes naturally to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s Materials Graduate Network (MAGNET).  A vibrant and enthusiastic group, the MAGNET board is actively promoting and engaging students, faculty, staff, and companies in networking and outreach.

President Aaron Sakulich emphasizes the importance of connecting current students with each other, with industry, and with current high school students.  “It is important to have the time to interact socially with other people in the department and from companies, as well as to discuss research and new ideas.”  The students have organized a weekly coffee hour, fun outings, such as white water rafting and paintball, and guest speakers for the 2006-2007 academic year.

To reach out to local high school students, the group is working closely with one of the Research Experience for Teachers fellows who worked in a Drexel lab this summer as part of RET-NANO.  They are developing an interactive website and plan to visit several schools this fall.