Gogotsi/Chmiola's Work Makes Top News on Scitizen.com

Published on Wednesday November 1, 2006

An article written by Dr. Yury Gogotsi, professor of materials science and engineering and director of the A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute, MSE graduate student John Chmiola, and MSE program coordinator of research and publications Dorilona Rose made the Scitizen homepage for top news stories in October 2006.

Scitizen, a science news source for the general public, helps bridge the gap between the general public and science. In the article, entitled “Supercapacitors Start a Revolution in Energy Storage Devices,” Gogotsi, Chmiola, and Rose discuss the immense storage capacity of incredibly small supercapacitors used in consumer products such as iPods and Palm Pilots, and their growing commercial market.