Dr. Zhorro Nikolov, et al., Publishes Two Articles

Published on Monday January 22, 2007

Dr. Zhorro Nikolov, Director of the Materials Characterization Facility and Research Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and colleagues recently published two articles.

The first, "Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy Analysis of Two-Component Langmuir Monolayers and the Associated Interfacial Water Structure," was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 110, pp. 15506-13. The article reports novel results from studies at the liquid/lipid/air interface relevant to fabrication and characterization of biomimetic structures and biointerfaces. Out of 111 journals in the category of Physical Chemistry, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B ranked number one in citations in 2005.

The second article, "Water Structure in Aqueous Solutions of Alkali Halide Salts: FTIR Spectroscopy of the OD Stretching Band" was published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 287, pp. 572-80. The paper describes studies of water structure in concentrated salt solutions relevant to the flotation separation of valuable minerals in the chemical and metallurgical industry. The Journal of Colloid and Interface Science publishes original research on fundamental principles of colloid and interface science and applications of these principles in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, materials science and related fields.

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