Dr. Michel Barsoum's Pyramid Research Continues to Receive Press

Published on Monday February 5, 2007

A summary of Dr. Michel Barsoum’s paper entitled, “Microstructural Evidence of Reconstituted Limestone Blocks in the Great Pyramids of Egypt,” (M. W. Barsoum, A. Ganguly, G. Hug), is set to be published in the March issue of Natural History Magazine.

The paper was published in the December 2006 issue of The Journal of the American Ceramic Society and news about the findings have been reported in numerous international publications and widely syndicated. Most recently, Barsoum’s work appeared in an article in Today's Science, a science news publication aimed at secondary school students. His research was also noted in a PlantServices.com story on January 15, 2007.Plant Services, a publication focused on American Manufacturing, reaches over 35,000 medium to large-sized manufacturing plants nationwide. Additionally, Dr. Barsoum was recently interviewed on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio segment Quirks and Quarks.

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