Dejan Stojakovic Receives Scholarship from Studenica Foundation

Published on Tuesday March 20, 2007

Dejan Stojakovic (advisors: Surya Kalidindi and Roger Doherty), materials science and engineering doctoral student, has received the $3,000 Dragomir Nicolitch Charitable Trust Scholarship from the Studenica Foundation to support him in the 2006-2007 academic year. This is the second consecutive year in which Dejan has received this prestigious award.

The award is given to a student of Yugoslavian descent who, in addition to having obtained exemplary grades (Dejan has a 4.0 GPA), shows leadership potential at his or her respective graduate institution and a desire and ability to pursue a life in some form of public service and leadership.

Upon receiving his Ph.D. from Drexel, Dejan plans to apply his knowledge and leadership skills in industry, while continuing to share his love of science with other students.

“I feel very strongly about promoting science among high school students and that is where I see myself doing public service and contributing to the community,” Dejan says. “I believe that dividing my time between working in industry and encouraging young people to explore science and engineering will put into practice what I was taught at Drexel University.”

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