Breger's Work Reviewed In Time Out Chicago

Published on Tuesday April 3, 2007

A Chicago exhibition by Dee Breger, Director of Microscopy in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was reviewed in the online edition of the weekly publication Time Out Chicago on March 22.

The Time Out Group’s core businesses are located in London, New York, and Chicago where Time Out weekly publications and local guides are the leading source of information for English-speaking residents and visitors, according to the Time Out Web site.  Thirty two framed prints of Breger’s colorized images from the scanning electron microscope (SEM), are on display in the Kemper Room Art Gallery of the Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Galvin Library. The review by Time Out writer Josh Tyson describes Breger’s images as “quirky”, “serene” and “colorful”.

The exhibit of Breger’s work is aptly named “Seeing Beyond Our Vision.” All the pieces reveal the intricate designs of objects such as a mosquito's wing and a household dust bunny. Scientific images such as one of nanosprings from the laboratory of Drexel's Prof. Jon Spanier are included in the collection. She uses the SEM to capture the images, then post-processes them in Photoshop, adding color to many of the originally black and white micrographs to make them easier to interpret as well as more appealing.  IIT flew Breger to Chicago for the opening. "They did a fine job", she reports, "and I especially enjoyed receiving enthusiastic feedback from the guests."  The exhibition runs March 1-April 7.

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