Gogotsi’s Work On Nanotube-Tipped Pipettes Continues To Receive Press

Published on Tuesday April 24, 2007

Research on nanotube-tipped pipettes conducted by Dr. Yury Gogotsi and colleagues continues to be publicized internationally. A story about their research on the assembly of nanotubes into nanotube-tipped cellular probes was published on March 16, 2007, on Nanowerk.com. United Press International also published a story about the research on April 9, 2007. The United Press story has been syndicated on IMediNews.ge, Playfuls.com, EarthTimes.org, MonstersAndCritics.com, ScienceDaily.com, PostChronicle.com, RedOrbit.com, Moldova.org, NewKerala.com and PoliticalGateway.com.

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