MSE Well-Represented at Senior Design Competition

Published on Wednesday June 6, 2007

MSE undergraduate student Cristin Yavorsky (advisor: Christopher Li) represented the department as a finalist in the College of Engineering Senior Design Competition.

Her project is titled “Nano-Hybrid Shih Kebab Catalyst Supports.” Carbon nanotubes and nanofibers can serve as catalyst supports in fuel cells, however, their tendency to aggregate reduces available surface area, making them less attractive as supports. Cristin has found that by periodically functionalizing carbon nanotubes with polymer lamellar crystals to create a structure known as a “nano-hybrid shish kebab” (NHSK), the available surface area can be increased.

Other MSE students made it to the college-level competition as well. Dr. Michele Marcolongo, Associate Professor, along with her Ph.D. student Dianne Phelan (MSE) and postdoctoral researcher Marco Canella (MSE),  advised a Biomed team in the competition.  The team presented “Device and method for quantifying trophoblast/endometrium cell model detachment in a flow environment.”

In addition, Dr. Surya Kalidindi, Department Head and Professor, has co-advised a Computer Science team along with Dr. David Fullwood, MSE Research Professor, and Dr. Dario Salvucci (CS). The team has developed MSDTool, a computer aided engineering framework for materials scientists and engineers. Utilizing new models and analysis methods from research, in particular the work of Dr. Kalidindi’s Microstructure Sensitive Design lab in the department of materials science and engineering, MSDTool allows designers to visualize and explore the possible design parameters that are physically possible for a given material.

All teams made their presentations on Tuesday, June 5 in the William F. Mitchell Auditorium of the Bossone Research Enterprise Center. Please click here for more information about the 2007 College of Engineering Senior Design Competition.

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