Drs. Wan and Wei Shih's Paper Downloaded 250 Times

Published on Monday July 16, 2007

A paper published in Nanotechnology by Drs. Wan and Wei Shih, and graduate student Hui Li, has been downloaded 250 times, according to Nina Couzin, Publisher, Nanotechnology.

The professors and graduate student co-authored and published, “Non-Heavy Metal ZnS Quantum dots with Bright Blue Photoluminescence by a One-Step Aqueous Synthesis” in the April 2007 edition of Nanotechnology 18, 205604 (2007). Across all Institute of Physics journals, only 10% of articles were accessed over 250 times this quarter, meaning that Drs. Wan and Wei Shih’s article ranks in the top 10 percent of downloaded articles.

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