Dream and Sensors Come to a Close

Published on Friday August 31, 2007

The final weeks of the ten-week long National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) programs DREAM, Sensors, and Engineering Cities drew to a close with several exciting events including the Poster Contest and the Farewell BBQ. The culminating event of the three programs was the poster contest held Friday, August 17, in the lobby of the Bossone Research Enterprise Center. About 12 graduate students from departments across the College of Engineering served as judges for the 34 posters presented in the contest.

The winners of the poster contest were as follows:

Overall Winner:

Mike Kopek, Sensors

Advisor: Dr. Moses Noh (MEM)

Graduate Student Advisor: Robert Weisbein Hart (MEM)

DREAM Winner:

Genai Odhner

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Li (MSE)

Graduate Student Advisor: Mike Birnkrant

Engineering Cities Winner:

Nate Dubbs

Advisor: Dr. Frank Moon (CAEE)

Sensors Winner:

Holly McIlwee

Advisor: Dr. Caroline Schauer (MSE)

Graduate Student Advisor: Matthew Cathell

The participants of DREAM and Sensors also had the chance to showcase their talent and hone their proposal writing skills by crafting NSF-style white papers, proposing their original research ideas. These white papers were based on the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship application requirements for an original research idea.  A panel of seven College of Engineering graduate students, all current NSF or IGERT fellows, reviewed the white papers and rated them primarily on the NSF criteria of intellectual merit and broader impacts. The top three proposals were written by Dewi Harjanto (DREAM), William Rosebrook (DREAM), and Karen Wismer (Sensors). Maurice Smith (Sensors) received an honorable mention for his proposal.

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