Siddhartha Pathak Receives Travel Subsidy for MRS Meeting

Published on Tuesday October 23, 2007

Ph.D. student Siddhartha Pathak (advisors: Surya Kalidindi and Haviva Goldman) is the recipient of a Drexel University Office of Graduate Studies travel subsidy to attend the Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting in Boston, MA November 26-30, 2007.  The travel subsidy will cover $310 of his expenses.

Sid will be presenting two oral presentations on his research at the meeting. The first of his two presentations focuses on the matrix level structure-property linkages in bone. Combining spherical nanoindentation with other techniques, such as Raman Spectroscopy, he has been successful in gaining deeper insights into the relationship between composition and local mechanical properties at the lamellar level in bone. Similarly, in his second presentation on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), he has been able to measure the local mechanical properties of CNT arrays under contact loading.

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