Knight Presents Invited Talk in Australia

Published on Sunday November 11, 2007

Dr. Richard Knight, Auxiliary Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, presented an invited talk entitled “From Turbine Blades to Rebar…Why Thermal Spray may be the Most Flexible Industrial Coating Technology Available Today” at the 16th International Federation of Heat Treating and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) conference in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (October 30-November 1).

Knight also chaired the technical session on Testing and Characterization and presented a second paper entitled “Sliding Wear Behavior of HVOF Thermally Sprayed Nylon-11/Ceramic Composites on Steel” co-authored by Dr. Richard Cairncross (Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering), Lauren Jackson (currently at the University of North Carolina and 2006 DREAM Fellow)) and Dr. Milan Ivosevic (currently Resodyn, Inc., Butte, MT and MSE Ph.D. alumnus).  Additionally, he participated in an industry focus session on thermal spraying.

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