Marko Knezevic Receives Travel Subsidy for International Symposium on Plasticity 2008

Published on Tuesday November 13, 2007

Ph.D. student Marko Knezevic (advisor: Surya R. Kalidindi) is the recipient of a Drexel University Office of Graduate Studies Travel Subsidy to attend the International Symposium on Plasticity 2008 to be held in Kona, Hawaii, January 3-8, 2008 to present a paper.  The travel subsidy will cover $350 of his expenses.

Marko’s research is in multiscale modeling of materials using a novel mathematical framework called Microstructure Sensitive Design (MSD) that facilitates the development of invertible linkages between statistical description of the material’s microstructure and its effective properties. Marko’s oral presentation will be about the further developments of this framework for efficient crystal plasticity computations and its application to delineation of a variety of closures of plastic properties, such as yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, uniform ductility, and the Lankford parameter for both cubic and hexagonal materials.

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