Senior Researcher Mochalin has Image Published on Cover of Carbon

Published on Friday February 1, 2008

Senior researcher Vadym Mochalin, who works with the Nanomaterials Group, has had his image of artificially colored carbon nanoscrolls published on the cover of the January 2008 (Volume 46, Issue 1) edition of the journal Carbon.  The image originally appeared as part of an article he coauthored entitled, "Carbon nanoscrolls produced from acceptor-type graphite intercalation compounds" by Michael V. Savoskin, Vadym N. Mochalin, Alexander P. Yaroshenko, Nina I. Lazareva, Tatjana E. Konstantinova, Igor V. Barsukov, and Iouri G. Prokofiev  in Carbon in 2007.

Nanoscrolls represent a novel member of the nanocarbon family, which, until the beginning of this century, have been largely unknown. This study is one of a few published on this nanomaterial to date.

The results were primarily obtained by Mochalin in Ukraine, but he and Professor Yury Gogotsi are currently establishing a collaboration between the L.M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical-Organic and Coal Chemistry (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and the Drexel Nanomaterials Group to continue in-depth studies of the properties of carbon nanoscrolls. Gogotsi and Mochalin expect the nanoscrolls to be used as an alternative to graphite and other layered materials in Li-ion batteries, as well as a component of electrically and thermally conductive composites.

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