Gogotsi et al. Article Featured as "Hot Paper"

Published on Tuesday April 29, 2008

An article by Ph.D. student Sebastian Osswald (advisor: Yury Gogotsi); Gleb Yushin, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Georgia Tech; Vadym Mochalin, research post-doctoral associate in Gogotsi's group; S. O. Kucheyev of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; and Professor Yury Gogotsi entitled "Control of sp2/sp3 Carbon Ratio and Surface Chemistry of Nanodiamond Powders by Selective Oxidation in Air" and published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society has been featured as a "Hot Paper" on the American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications Web site.

As noted by the ACS, "Hot Papers are articles published within the last two years, receiving the most citations over the most recent two-month period. In a typical two-month period, Essential Science Indicators recognizes more than 200 total Hot Papers in chemistry alone; amongst those Hot Papers in chemistry, articles published in ACS journals, are typically responsible for nearly half of the top 100 'hottest' papers."

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