MSE Celebrates the Retirement of Professor Roger Doherty

Published on Monday May 5, 2008



Central Machine Products Company

Dr. Diran Apelian, BS '68

David Armbruster, BS '93

Dr. Michel Patricia Barsoum

Patricia Barsoum

Cynthia S. Best

Roland Cochran, BS '84

George H. Drayton, BS '55

Phyllis Drayton

Dr. Hari Duvvuru, Ph.D. '08

Jackie Faiman

Dr. Peter Finkel, Ph.D. '03

Dr. Yury Gogotsi

Barbara Graves-Poller

Dr. Milan Ivosevic, Ph.D. '06

Dr. Natraj Iyer, MS '77, Ph.D. '84

Rahul Sabu Joseph

Dr. Surya Kalidindi

Marko Knezevic

Dr. Richard Knight

Pamela J. Knight

Dr. K. Sharvan Kumar, MS '81, Ph.D. '84

Dr. Hoa Lam, BS '91, Ph.D. '05

Dr. Alan C. Lau

Dr. Christopher Y. Li

Poey Lim

Clare and Diego F. Luzuriaga

Dr. Michele Marcolongo

Michael J. Micklus, MS '91

Dr. Samuel K. Nash

Dr. Zhorro Nikolov

Dr. Frank Nowicke, Ph.D. '99

Michael J. Pechulis, BS '97

C.R. Pennoni

Dr. Athina Petropulu

Richard J. Poller

Dr. Gwenaelle Proust, Ph.D. '05

Dr. Harry Rogers

Jean Rogers

Dr. Anthony D. Rollett, Ph.D. '88

Dr. Caroline L. Schauer

Dr. Wan Y. Shih

Dr. Wei-Heng Shih

Dr. Jonathan E. Spanier

Dr. Mitra L. Taheri

Judith L. and Lou Trachtman

David J. Von Rohr

Dr. Ulrike Wegst

Dr. Antonios Zavaliangos

Alumni/ae, friends, family, colleagues, and distinguished guests gathered over Drexel's Blue and Gold Days to wish Department of Materials Science and Engineering A. W. Grosvenor Professor Roger Doherty well as he moves towards his retirement.

A dinner and department fundraiser in Roger's honor was held on Friday, May 2nd in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center Atrium to coincide with Drexel's alumni weekend. Over $10,560 was raised to support the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Endowment Fund. The Endowment, launched in 2003 in honor of Professor Alan Lawley's retirement, was established to help recruit and retain high quality materials students and faculty. Alcoa, one of Roger's long-time industry collaborators, sponsored a table at the event.

The department also celebrated the accomplishments of alumni, faculty, staff, and students with its Distinguished Alumnus Award and departmental awards.The 2008 Department of Materials Science and Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award went to Professor David E. Laughlin (B.S., '69) for "outstanding contributions to the science and practice of materials science and engineering and to engineering education in materials and related industries." Distinguished Professor Michel Barsoum received the 2008 Outstanding Research Award. The 2008 Outstanding Teaching Award went to Professor Caroline Schauer. For exceptional service, the 2008 Outstanding Service Award was given to Interim Department Head and Professor Antonios Zavaliangos. Keiko Nakazawa was a recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Staff Award. The 2008 Outstanding Graduate Student Award was awarded to Dianne Rothstein (advisor: Michele Marcolongo) and the tie for the 2008 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award went to B.S./M.S. students Holly McIlwee (advisor: Caroline Schauer) and Rahul Joseph (advisor: Jonathan Spanier).

Additionally, Roger presented several special guests with signed copies of his latest co-authored book, Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Metallic Materials, a textbook published by Elsevier in the Pergamon Materials Series in 2007.

To the left, please find the list of donors who contributed to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Endowment Fund in honor of Professor Roger Doherty's retirement. If for some reason your name has been omitted or misspelled, please contact us so we may correct it.

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