MSE Graduate Students and Faculty Honored at Drexel Graduate Student Day

Published on Friday May 9, 2008

Students and faculty were recognized with nominations and awards in research, teaching, and mentorship at the third annual Drexel University Graduate Student Day on May 8, 2008 at 4:00 PM.

There were 29 nominees for Excellence in Research.  Of the 29, five were from MSE.  Ph.D. student John Chmiola (advisor:  Yury Gogotsi) received an award.  Highly recommended runners up included Ph.D. students Sandip Basu (advisor:  Michel Barsoum), Marko Knezevic (advisor: Surya Kalidindi), Stephen Niezgoda (advisor: Surya Kalidindi), and Siddhartha Pathak (advisor: Surya Kalidindi).

Out of the 66 nominees for Excellence in Teaaching, four came from or were advised by MSE faculty.  Ph.D. student Shahram Amini (advisor: Michel Barsoum) received the award.  Highly recommended runners up included Marko Knezevic (advisor: Surya Kalidindi) and Stephen Niezgoda (advisor: Surya Kalidindi).  MEM Ph.D. student Alexander Moseson (advisor: Michel Barsoum) was also nominated.

Fourteen faculty members were nominated for Mentor of the Year, with six nominees coming from MSE.  Faculty were nominated both by current graduate students, as well as alumni.  Highly recommended runners up included Professors Yury Gogotsi, Surya Kalidindi, and Caroline Schauer.  Additional nominees included Professors Michel Barsoum, Jonathan Spanier, and Antonios Zavaliangos.

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