B.S./Ph.D. Student Jameson Detweiler Sweeps Senior Design and Business Plan Competitions; Ph.D. Students Knezevic and Pathak Come in Third

Published on Friday June 6, 2008

B.S. (MSE)/Ph.D. (CAEE) student Jameson Detweiler came in first in both the College of Engineering Senior Design Competition and LeBow College of Business Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship in Technology 2008 Business Plan Competition, along with B.S. student Eric Eisele (advisor:  Michel Barsoum).  Ph.D. students Marko Knezevic and Siddhartha Pahtak (both advised by Surya Kalidindi) came in third in the Business Plan Competition.  Both competitions were held on June 4, 2008.

Detweiler's winning senior design team project, "Composite Solar Lighting – A Fiber-Optic LED Daylighting Solution," is part of the Drexel Smart House initiative.  Other members of the senior design team include Thaddeus Konicki, James McCann, and Luke McCrone, all from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE).  MSE junior Eisele contributed design work to this project.  Professors Caroline Schauer (MSE) and Adam Fontecchio (ECE) served as advisors to this senior design team.  There were 121 senior design teams and, ultimately, six were chosen to compete in the final College of Engineering competition.

"Summalux Technologies," Detweiler's and co-team member Eisele's winning entry in the Business Plan Competition, will receive $12,000 in seed funding and $40,800 in in-kind support.  The LeBow College of Business Web site describes their business plan as follows:  "Recognizing the demand for environmentally friendly indoor lighting is growing rapidly, Detweiler and Eisele have developed unique fixtures to improve and enhance the lighting effects of today's solar daylighting systems, thereby adding value to each system and stimulating demand for such systems. Any building with sun exposure can be retrofitted to use these technologically advanced fixtures."

Coming in 3rd place in the Business Plan Competition along with Knezevic and Pathak are team members Wanting Hu and Zhen Cai of the LeBow College of Business and their plan, "Microstructure Sensitive Design of Materials."   The team will receive $4,000 in cash and $5,000 in in-kind support.  According to the LeBow College of Business Web site, "their startup company specializes in identification of new engineering materials (currently metals) and optimizing the processing routes for the development of these materials. The company has developed software (also known as MSD) that can guide a potential customer in the rigorous design of a processing recipe to meet a set of designer specified properties."  Previously, this plan received first place in both the first and second phases of the 2008 Business Plan Competition.