Schauer Awarded NSF-GOALI Grant

Published on Wednesday July 30, 2008

Professor Caroline Schauer has been awarded an NSF-GOALI grant in the amount of $293,786 in a partnership with Avon.  The three year award, GOALI:  Mechanically Robust Structural Color System Based on Biomimetic Principles, will work to develop a mechanically robust color system based on the structural mechanisms which give butterfly wings and beetle shells such intense color.

The research approach combines thin film modeling to design a range of biomimetic structures with laboratory created analogs of single and multilayered thin films.  If successful, this proposed work advances the knowledge of structural coloration and the mechanical properties of such materials, which are typically mechanically weak in nature. 

Schauer serves as the PI and Steve Carlo serves as the Co-PI for Avon.  

The National Science Foundation's Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI) program provides funding for university-industry partnerships.

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