Gogotsi and Colleagues Publish Several Papers This Summer

Published on Tuesday August 12, 2008

Yury Gogotsi, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, and colleagues have several papers recently published or forthcoming.

Work on carbide-derived carbons for supercapacitor applications was prominently featured in the report from the workshop "Scientific Impacts and Opportunities for Computing," sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE).  The workshop was conducted for the DoE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research to identify high impact opportunities in computing for investment in research to maintain the nation's preeminence in scientific discovery and competitiveness.

Work on carbide-derived carbons for purification of gases, water, biological fluids, etc., was published online July 14 in Materials Chemistry and Physics.  MSE alumna Elizabeth N. Hoffman is first author on the paper, with contributions from Gleb Yushin, former Research Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, now Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology; Bogdan G. Wendler of Lodz University of Technology in Poland; Michel Barsoum, Distinguished Professor of Materials Science & Engineering; and Yury Gogotsi, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering.

MSE alumnus Davide Mattia has two papers forthcoming.  His invited review titled "Static and dynamic behavior of liquids inside carbon nanotubes," co-authored with Yury Gogotsi, will be the first article in the September 2008 (volume 5, number 3) issue of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.  In addition, a paper titled "Smoothing of nanoscale roughness based on the Kelvin effect," authored by Alexander Yarin and Constantine Megaridis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Mattia, and Gogotsi, will appear in the September 10 (volume 19 issue 36) issue of Nanotechnology

A paper titled "Nanoscale Corona Discharge in Liquids Enabling Nanosecond Optical Emission Spectroscopy," by David Staack, Alexander Fridman, Alexander Gutsol, Yury Gogotsi, and Gary Friedman has been selected as a VIP (very important paper) in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.  This is the top chemistry journal, with an ISI impact factor of >10.  Only 5% of all manuscripts receive this honor.  VIP papers are announced on the Web immediately after being accepted, before their publication.  This work is the result of funding from the W. M. Keck Foundation.

A paper titled "Transparent thin films of multi-walled carbon nanotubes self-assembled on polyamide 11 nanofibers" by Mickael Havel, former Post-doctoral Researcher in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering; Kristopher Behler, MSE Ph.D. student; alumna Guzeliya Korneva (Ph.D. Chemistry, '08); and Yury Gogotsi has been published online in Advanced Functional Materials.  This is one of the best materials journals with an ISI impact factor of about 7.5.  Moreover, an image from this article will appear on the front cover of volume 18, issue 16 of the journal.

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