2008-2009 Koerner and Hill Fellowship Recipients Announced

Published on Friday October 3, 2008

Ph.D. students Aaron Sakulich (advisor: Michel Barsoum) and Jessica Schiffman (advisor: Caroline Schauer) are joint MSE recipients of this year's Koerner Family Fellowship.  Fellowship recipients must be Ph.D. candidates and are selected for their particular interest in pursuing a career in academia.

The Koerner family established the fellowships in honor of their many years of association with the University.

Dr. Robert M. Koerner ’56 ’63, H. L. Bowman Professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, his wife Paula, and their children—George, Michael, and Pauline—have accumulated four bachelor degrees, two master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. degree from Drexel, where collectively they have been employed and educated for over ninety years.

Additionally, Ph.D. student Stephen Nonnenmann (advisor: Jonathan Spanier) is the recipient of the George Hill, Jr. Fellowship.  The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship, established in 1991, is awarded to qualified Ph.D. candidates in the College of Engineering.  Recipients must have proven excellence in their undergraduate and graduate careers and must be able to demonstrate their potential to achieve academic excellence at the Ph.D. level, in addition to a strong interest in pursuing a career in academia.

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