Gogotsi Publishes Review in Nature Materials

Published on Wednesday October 29, 2008

Dr. Yury Gogotsi, Trustee Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and Dr. Patrice Simon of Universite Paul Sabatier in France have published a review "Materials for electrochemical supercapacitors" in Nature Materials.  The ISI impact factor for Nature Materials is about 20, placing it as the leading primary research journal in materials science but also across all related physical sciences.

This is the first ever review on supercapacitors published in a journal of that level, which clearly indicates both the growing attention to the field and Prof. Gogotsi's leadership position in this area. Electrochemical capacitors are projected to play a significant role in electrical energy storage in the future.  This work resulted from Prof. Gogotsi's sabbatical stay in Toulouse, France, with Dr. Simon.

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