Marcolongo and Colleagues Publish in Journal of Magnetic Resonance

Published on Monday November 10, 2008

Dr. Marco Cannella, assistant professor of rehabilitation sciences (formerly a research assistant professor of materials science and engineering), Dr. Michele Marcolongo, associate professor of materials science and engineering, and colleagues from the University of Delaware have published a paper "23Na TQF NMR imaging for the study of spinal disc tissue" in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance. The paper describes a new imaging technique that was used to effectively analyze two human spinal disc samples. One of the resulting images will be featured on the cover of the journal.

The image at right shows PITQF tau-maps of two samples of human disc tissue with degenerative grades 2 and 3 (tPI = 1.5 ms). The samples are cores taken from the side of the discs. The top of the sample is from the nucleus pulposus while the bottom is from the annulus fibrosus. The pictures of the tissue are aligned with the y axis of the plots.

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