Barsoum's Paper Exceeds 500 Citations

Published on Friday December 5, 2008

A paper by Dr. Michel Barsoum, A.W. Grosvenor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; and Tamer El Raghy, Ph.D. '97; has exceeded 500 citations.  This is the first paper ever from the College of Engineering to reach that mark.  The paper, "Synthesis and characterization of a remarkable ceramic: Ti3SiC2" appeared in the July 1996 issue of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Dr. Barsoum's h-index (a measure of the impact of a scientist's publications) has reached 34, which is also a College of Engineering record.  Though the various measures of publication impact may differ, it is unquestionable that Dr. Barsoum's work on MAX phases has been pioneering, as evidenced by the large body of relevant literature, as well as the commercial production of MAXTHAL® by Kanthal/Sandvik (;

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