Senior Design Team Receives EPA P3 Award

Published on Saturday January 10, 2009

A Senior Design team from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) was recently awarded the Environmental Protection Agency's People Prosperity & Planet (P3) Award for a project entitled "Syntactic Selective Near Infrared Scattering Architectural Coatings."

The team is using the Phase I $10,000 grant to develop a low cost infrared reflective coating for use on buildings aimed to reduce energy consumption by reflecting heat from the sun. The coatings incorporate glass hollow microspheres designed to scatter visible and invisible solar radiation.

Dr. Michel Barsoum, A. W. Grosvenor Professor, is advising the team which includes MSE seniors Eric Eisele, Sarah Byrnes, Dan Pugh, Charlie Woods, and Courtney Reid. The team will be presenting their results to the EPA in April and will be applying for an additional $75,000 of funding for the spring term.

The project is part of the Drexel Smart House organization and is being conducted in cooperation with Potter's Industries.

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